How It Works

Reach in-market shoppers 8.5x more efficiently with EMG

Our attribution-first strategy uses tens of millions dealership walk-ins to optimize audiences and inventory to create the most powerful streaming solution available to automotive marketers.

EMG Campaigns Perform Better

Every two seconds a consumer walks into a dealership after viewing an EMG powered campaign. And we have the Attribution and Reporting to prove it.


More Efficient at Driving Dealership Walk-ins


Market Share Increase


Cost per Buyer (CPB)


Cost per Walk-in (CPW)


Website Visit Rate

How It Works

End-to-End Streaming Solution for Automotive


Dealership Campaign Planning

  • Generate custom proposals based on current dealer sales and thousands of streaming campaigns.
  • Proposals include ideal budget, precise geotargeting, and channel guidance.
  • Stand on the shoulders of 5+ years of learning and optimizations.


Audience Targeting

  • Target the most predictive in-market audiences that are curated using millions of attributed dealership walk-ins.
  • EMG Audience data partners include Polk, Experian,, and Oracle Data Cloud.
  • Activate omnichannel campaigns across CTV and Audio.


Launch on Premium Streaming Inventory

  • Tap into 100+ direct deals we’ve brokered with top streaming platforms and publishers.
  • Provide your video and audio creative.
  • Set your preferred budget and flight dates.


Measure Dealership Performance

  • Track dealership walk-ins, market share, VDP views, and more—all deterministic, not probabilistic.
  • Get precise, actionable data that can be used for campaign optimization.
  • Location data is provided by the same company used
    by Apple, Uber, and Amazon


Next Generation Reporting

  • Understand the impact of your campaign with EMG Performance Reporting featuring GMS iQ.
  • Compliant placement reports for Co-op reimbursement.
  • Integrate with our reporting stack built upon Snowflake to power your internal dashboards.

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