Target Automotive Buyers with Streaming Ads

Tap into EMG Audiences that accurately predict households in-market for a vehicle, verified by dealership walk-ins.

Auto Intender Audiences that Work

There are tens of thousands of automotive audience segments commercially available. How do you know which ones drive performance? Using our attribution solution built for streaming, we separate the wheat from the chaff and only leverage proven audience segments from trusted automotive data providers. We call them EMG Audiences.

Target every type of buyer with EMG Audiences



SUV & Truck






We use 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to mirror the automotive customer journey

Understanding where a consumer is in their journey of buying a car is essential to a campaign’s success. We use recency data to predict when a consumer is in the awareness, consideration, or purchase phase.

Pre-Market (Influence)

120-31 Days Away from Purchase

Live Events - New Job, baby, moving, etc

Automotive Data - Age of vehicle, lease expiration, etc

In-Market & Conquest (Consideration)

30-0 Days Away from Purchase

Automotive Data:, Autotrader, Edmunds, etc

Dealership websites

Location data - visitors to dealerships

Car Purchase

Leading Automotive Brands Choose EMG

In-Market Auto Buyers are Out There

Deliver streaming ads to in-market households on premium CTV and Audio inventory.

Frequently Asked Question

How are EMG Audiences evaluated and curated to ensure accuracy?

What are EMG’s targeting capabilities?

Does my campaign need all three market groups?




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