Analyze Campaign Performance

EMG provides automotive marketers with reporting that enables them to understand the impact of their CTV and Audio efforts and where every single impression was purchased.

In-Depth Reporting You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Get detailed reporting for complete transparency into dealership walk-ins, market share, website metrics, and more.

Dealer Walk-in Performance

Track all dealer walk-ins generated by your campaign

Cost per Buyer (CPB)

See how efficiently your ads drive dealership walk-ins

VDP View Rate

Know the impact of streaming to your Vehicle Detail Pages


Index your dealership foot traffic to competitor dealers

Cost per Walk-in (CPW)

Track your dealer walk-in efficiency

Cost per Site Visit

Track how efficiently your ads drive website traffic

Co-op Reimbursement Reporting

We only purchase streaming ads directly from publishers, streamers, and programmers and so can account for every single impression served. Our co-op reimbursement reporting has been accepted by every OEM to date and enables dealers to tap into those programs with CTV and Audio advertising.

How EMG Auto Streaming Measurement Works

Evolution Media brings the accuracy of digital reporting to streaming advertising. Get a clear look at metrics that measure your campaign’s performance, no guesswork needed. Dealerships and automotive marketers can engage in targeted branding and prove campaign efficacy with reliable one-to-one offline and online attribution.

The Household Graph

Our household graph creates a relationship between every connected device in a home. The graph maintains a log of all advertising exposures to any device in the household.

Offline and Online Attribution

Utilizing the household graph’s advertising exposure log, dealership walk-ins and website visits are attributed on a one-to-one basis with a streaming ad impression.


Streaming Automotive Ad

Consumer completes a streaming ad on a household device.


Household Graph

The household graph logs the completed streaming ad.


Dealership Walk-in

A mobile phone from the household graph visits any car dealer, breaches the geo-fence, and the walk-in is attributed to the streaming ad.


Website Visit

A device from the household visits the dealership website with an EMG tracking pixel and the visit is attributed to the streaming ad.

Frequently Asked Question

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